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Environmental Sustainability

At Attridge we endeavor to improve the communities in which we operate. Attridge is making strives in the environmental sustainability of our operations.

We believe that EV’s are an important component for the future of clean mobility and we are committed to do our part to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles on the road. We have mandated internally since 2022 that any light duty vehicles purchased be either a hybrid or EV. We are proud to have bought our first Electric School Bus in 2023 going on the road for one of our Independent School customers.

Attridge constantly aims to improve the efficiency of our operations. Efficiency is a key to reducing natural resource use. We have an Anti-Idle policy which is regularly enforced to ensure minimal fuel is wasted. Our regular and thorough fleet maintenance program ensures vehicles are running well to reduce waste. This maintenance program includes the selection of the optimal lubricants which reduce engine and driveline friction thus reducing fuel consumption.

All of our diesel buses meet current (Some call this Tier 4 or MY2012 HDV Engine GHG Emission Regulations) emissions control regulations. This means that our buses emit about 90% less soot and NOx than older buses.

Attridge is replacing any EOL HVAC equipment at our offices with modern Heat Pump technology to reduce emissions from building heating. These systems are also more efficient in the summer months compared to older systems.

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